Managing Director

Advertising plays a vital role in prosperity of country’s economy and we are proud to contribute towards it. Security is another crucial issue and we also deal with it. We want to run all these concerns with excellent ideas and innovative total solutions which lead to the path of sustainable and profitable long term growth. We have the values and technologically sound team that is required to face challenges and strike the right balance between business profitability and social needs. I firmly believe that Oval Group will confirm its position as the benchmark company in the field of advertising, security service, trading and marketing in Bangladesh. Oval Group will work even harder to propagate it’s vision in an effort to enhance accountability and integrity. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all our valuable clients for their continued patronage that enable us to serve best and embrace the future with optimism.

Chief Executive Officer

I would like to take the opportunity to reiterate my confidence in Oval Group and declare my responsibility to attain sustainable development in an innovative and technological advanced way. Oval Group sets the standard of Excellence in rendering services, understanding clients theme and interactive marketing policy. Since different concerns are collaborated in Oval Group we have to deal with extensive and vast area in terms of needs and business.  Oval Group’s business strategy has progressed considerably in the recent years and we are working diligently to align our commitments, expertise skills and creativity! The complexity of the current economic situation and the consequent difficulties have merely reasserted our objectives as a driving force behind our devotion in business.